HerbalGem is a dynamic and innovative Belgium company, with over 20 years of experience in developing gemmotherapy remedies and herbal extracts. Their two main activities are :

  • Development, manufacturing and commercialization of branded bud extracts and other proprietary herbal remedies.
  • Custom development and extraction of herbal ingredients for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

HerbalGemís rapid growth and international expansion is rooted on their uncompromising focus on delivering effective and high quality products. This is achieved by managing internally and tightly controlling all the phases of the production process - from harvesting the buds to the final product - and by investing significant resources on research and development.

The quality and effectiveness of HerbalGem products are ensured thanks to meticulous selection of the plants used, strict controls at all stages of the preparation process and our experience of over 20 years in Gemmotherapy. HerbalGem has always aimed to provide the most natural products possible, made from the highest quality ingredients, and sourced close to their natural state. They only use fresh buds and young shoots grown in the wild or in organic cultures far from possible sources of pollution. Most of the buds come from the Ardenne forests, in the South of Belgium where our laboratory is based.

The plants are harvested by their own staff and by selected harvesters.

HerbalGem SINGLE BUD Extracts
HerbalGem SINGLE BUD Extracts
HerbalGem Products
HerbalGem Products
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